Bedroom Blinds

Our range of bedroom blinds have been selected with light reduction and privacy at the forefront, however we haven’t sacrificed our dedication to providing fabrics and colours perfectly in tune with different interior design styles. We have hundreds of colours, shades and finishes across all our ranges so you can find the perfect complimentary style for your bedroom.

Bedroom Roller Blinds

A popular choice for bedrooms, our roller blinds are both practical and stylish. Choose from our vast range of patterns, prints and colours and find something to compliment sleek modern interiors or comfy cosy bedroom styles. Motorised options available. Hundred of colours and prints to suit any style.

Bedroom Wooden Blinds

If you want the sophistication of oak but at a fraction of the price, our wood-effect range of wooden blinds could be the perfect addition to your bedroom. Available in a wide selection of tones, textures and finishes, there’s sure to be a style to suit. A budget friendly alternative to shutters.

Many people need absolute darkness to be sure of a sound night’s sleep – and if you’re one of them then blackout blinds are the answer. Whether hung on their own or with curtains or shutters, they’ll guarantee a light-free environment and absolute privacy. Enjoy a better quality of sleep with our range of blackout blinds.

Bedroom Vertical Blinds

One of our best selling and most popular blind types, vertical blinds are an excellent addition to bedrooms. We have lots of beautiful colours, hues and prints to choose from. Our made to measure vertical blinds are available with blackout or light filtering fabrics making them the ideal way create a calm space in your bedroom, whilst getting a great night’s sleep! Always in style, our vertical blinds protect privacy and provide optimum light control.

Bedroom Roman Blinds

There’s more than a hint of stylish opulence to Roman blinds. They provide a highly decorative focal point to any room, whether they’re up or down, and simply exude class and sophistication. Soft, cosy Roman blinds are the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom. For added comfort, add thick interlining for extra warmth, or blackout linings to reduce light levels. Explore our range of design options to discover your perfect match today.

Bedroom Venetian Blinds


Venetian blinds are ideal if you want to combine style and practicality with the option of a truly dazzling array of colours. They are also very easy to adjust depending on the amount of light you want to let in or keep out. With a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from, our bedroom Venetian blinds work in any space with any style. High quality, water resistant and wipe clean, they are both functional and super stylish. Explore now to see our venetian blinds!