Can You Paint A Roller Blind?

Can you paint a roller blind

Got bored of your old roller blind and want to give it a new, fresh & stylish look but not sure if you can paint it.

Does it sound familiar? Stick with this article as we are going to guide you on painting a roller blind. 

The simple answer is, Yes! You can paint your roller blind. With proper methods & guidance, you can quickly execute this daunting task. 

But before, we get into our guide here is a tip for you:

We do not recommend painting a roller blind but would instead suggest getting a new one, as nowadays, all colors of the spectrum are readily available in the market. It takes energy as well as costs money. You can easily get a new roller blind just by spending a little more and it will be completely new & free from any flaws

But still, you have backed your DIY ability & planned to paint it, here is how to do it! 

How to paint a roller blind?

Measure the area and get the curtain

If you already have a curtain that’s great but in case you don’t, get a new roller blind since you have already planned to paint it so you can get a white color roller blind and then can turn it into the desired colour. 

You can also connect with us we have all types and colors of roller blinds and can help you with them so you don’t even need to colour them.

Select the right paint

The type of paint you choose will also depend on the type of material your blind is made from. Some materials such as blackout blinds are made from polyester whilst other blinds that have a sunscreen effect might be made of PVC. So check the fabric composition of the blinds before heading to the paint shop to purchase. 

Ready your curtain

It’s time to clean your curtain and make it ready for painting. Use a cloth or dust sheet and gently clear out dust. Sweep from top to bottom for deep & effective cleaning. Once done with it, take off your curtain.

Use Free Space

You may require some free space in your home to execute your plan. Use scrap paper or any scrap sheet to protect your floor from getting ruined. Don’t forget to stick them with adhesive tape. Unroll the blind and stick it too so it does not collapse while painting. You can also use clamps to fix your roller blind to its place.

Prime your blind

 For a smooth surface, you can prime your blind before you start with the painting. Spray primer or a brush-on primer is an ideal fit for this. Give it some time and let the primer dry before we proceed with the task.

Paint the blind

Now, as per your wish start decorating your blind with either a paintbrush or roller. You need to be careful and paint the color evenly. Give your roller a new shade. Depending on the paint, you may need to apply two-three coats to achieve the look you wished for. 

Make it more dramatic

If you don’t want a solid texture you can make it more dramatic by getting creative. For instance, you can get a zig-zag line by using your tape. 

Reinstall the Blind

Everything is done and your paint is dry, you can rehang the roller blind in your window.

Huraaahhh!!! You did it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of painting your Roller Blind

The advantage of painting your own roller blinds is that it allows you to customize your blinds to suit your interior finishing whilst for some, having blinds that are unique to your home only might be the deciding factor.

On the flip side, painting your own roller blinds could be quite time-consuming and also prove to be quite expensive. We certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you are fairly confident with a paintbrush and understand the pitfalls (once you start, there’s no going back).

On the other hand, choosing a good blinds supplier with professional installation might be the ticket to having a possible headache job made easy. The other advantage is that with over 600 fabrics to choose from, our roller blinds range is as extensive as you could imagine. And if that wasn’t enough, we can custom print anything on your roller blinds to allow you to have a unique piece designed especially for you. With added professional installation and expert advice from a design-led sales consultant, we remove the headache and minimize the risks for you.

Frequently asked questions

Can you spray paint a roller blind?

Yes, you can spray paint a roller blind. If you have a vinyl blind, Just make sure the spray paint you are using can be used on any surface. 

Can you paint bamboo roller blinds?

You can but Bamboo is a natural substance and may require some extra effort and caution. However, you can paint bamboo roller blinds if you do it carefully.

Should I paint or buy new roller blinds?

We recommend instead of painting a roller blind you should get a new roller blind as painting costs money and energy and also you are not sure what will be the final result until and unless your process it. It may cost you money and eventually leave you depressed. You can get a new roller blind easily just by spending some extra money. 


That’s it for today! We hope you enjoyed reading our guide. If you are confident enough with your DIY skills you can take a chance of painting it. On a contrary, if you are not, just head over to the market or call any blind and curtain company that can get your desired roller blind.