How To Choose Curtains For The Living Room?

How to choose curtains for the living room

So, you want to decorate your room? The very first thing that you should bag to enhance the experience of your room is curtains. There is no doubt that curtains are the pride of any room. Just hanging curtains in your room can make it look more elegant & classy. It can bring new life to a dull room. But have you ever thought about how to choose curtains for the living room? 

Curtains can make or break your home design so it’s vital that you should select the right curtains for your room. Not only in designing your home but also in taking mental health into consideration. Studies have proven that colours can have a significant impact on a person’s mood. A beautiful-looking, decent curtain can keep your mind fresh & relaxed. Understanding the importance of curtains, we will guide you in choosing the right curtains for your living room. 

You can also take the advice of experts in designing your room, especially curtains. You can hire any blinds and curtains company to get this job done and at the same time, you can ask them to help advise which would be the right curtain theme for your room. 

 Now, Let’s dive into our topic which is,

Choosing Curtains for the Living Room

Getting the curtains for the living room can be an exciting & creative experience, but it can also be intimidating especially when you don’t know where to begin. Here are some tips that will help you in getting the job done:

Plan your budget

There are some things that need to be considered before buying curtains and usually it’s starting with the budget: it is good to at least have an idea your budget first. The cost of the curtain may vary depending on the size, fabric & design. You also have to keep additional expenses such as curtain rods, and other hardware materials in your mind. If you are unsure about the budget connect with any curtain installation company to get an estimate and decide your budget.

The theme of your living room

Make sure the curtain you are choosing should complement the beauty of your room. Be clear in your mind about what type of style you want to achieve – whether you want to make it modern & stylish or traditional & elegant. There should be no contradiction in your room’s overall decoration. 

Purpose of your curtain

You are adding curtains to your room for a certain purpose. It may block out light, have privacy or simply to add style to the room. Are you confused why we added this as a point? The reason why you should define your curtain’s purpose is that the chosen fabric of your curtain will depend upon it. Curtains come in different fabrics and they are used for different benefits. 

Measure the windows frame

The utmost important thing to do for cutting any extra cost. We often see people committing this mistake. It gets more difficult when you do it by yourself anda lot of people head over to the market and buy the curtains based on the assumption of the size of their windows and as a consequence, they’re either too long or too short. It is a wise decision to measure the size of your window, door, or wall where you want to hang your curtain. Doing this will help you in determining the size of the curtains you require and help you avoid purchasing either too long or too short curtains. 

Select the Fabric

The curtain fabric you choose can have a significant influence on the atmosphere and overall beauty of your room. The fabric you will opt for the curtain also depends upon the privacy you want & the amount of light you want to enter in your room. For instance, sheer fabrics such as voile or lace are an ideal fit for giving a more light & breezy vibe whereas heavy materials, like suede or velvet curtains, give privacy and are perfect for a cosy and private ambience.

Pick the right colour and pattern

We have already mentioned earlier in this article that colours have energy and can also define your mood. If you have a very basic living room you may want to add a pop of colour to it. To add some energy you can also go for bold colours such as red or orange. On contrary to this, if you want to create a peaceful & calm vibe you can go with colours like light blue, cream or light pink. You can also play around with patterns such as floral, zig-zag or stripes to add some creativity to your decor. 

Length of the curtain

It depends upon the size of your room. Generally, for big spaces & high-ceiling rooms, it is recommended to get floor-length curtains to create a sense of grandeur. On the other hand, if you have a small living room you can pick short-size curtains to make it look more breathable and spacious. 

Don’t forget curtain rods

Think outside the box! Don’t limit your room’s beauty to just curtains. Go beyond and also think of curtain rods. Nowadays, curtain rods are built with a variety of materials such as wood, metal & plastic. Choose the rod that praises the style of your living room and the colour of your curtains. Tiebacks would work as a cherry on top and will bring more elegance to your room. 

Don’t Forget About Functionality

Finally, it’s essential to consider the functionality of your curtains. If you want to control the amount of light that enters your living room, you may want to choose curtains with a lining. Blackout lining is ideal for bedrooms or you may select a fabric which is already blackout, thus saving the cost of addling lining.

Choose Curtains based on Fabrics

Choose curtains based on colours

Benefits of having curtains in the living room

There are countless benefits of having curtains in your living room. Some important benefits are:

  • It affects your mental state – having calm & peaceful colours around you will keep your mood in shape
  • You can add privacy to your room with the help of curtains
  • It makes your rooms elegant & stylish