Different Types of Curtains for Windows

When it comes to room decoration, nothing can beat curtains. Just installing beautiful curtains can add instant ambiance to your room. The best part is that curtains are not only used for room decor but also add functionality, such as blocking the outdoor lights, providing privacy, and influencing moods and feelings. Adding a pop of colour or texture can further enhance that mood. 

If you can install a perfect curtain that compliments the beauty of your window, you can take your room decoration to the next level. 

But the question is which curtain should you buy that goes perfectly with windows?

With this guide, you will learn about the different kinds of curtains available that you can hang to cover your window:

Without any further ado, let’s get started with,

Different Types of Curtains for Windows

1. Sheer Curtains

One of the most popular curtains to add elegance and class to your home. The beauty of these types of curtains is they are made from lightweight, translucent fabric that allows air & light to pass while helping to dress a window. They also allow you to view the outdoors but bear in mind, especially at night, it can have the opposite effect. Diffused natural light passes into your home thus giving a nice ambient feel. A broad range of colours and patterns are available with these kinds of curtains so you can easily a curtain that matches your room theme. 

sheer curtains type of curtains

2. Thermal Curtains

Thermal lining curtains are exceptional curtains that help you cut your energy bills. It offers superior insulation which means your room will preserve heat in the winter and will be cooler during the summer. Another advantage of thermal curtains is, they also enhance privacy by keeping out prying eyes. 

type of curtains thermal curtains

3. Blackout Curtains

To reduce light penetration, blackout curtains are a great option as they block light and help filter noise. These curtains are an ideal pick for bedroom windows and sometimes in the living room as well if you don’t like too much light falling on the TV. The heavy fabrics can block out light completely and allow you to sleep easily even in daylight. If you live on a busy street don’t hesitate to go with blackout curtains. 

type of curtains blackout curtains

4. Grommet Curtains

Do you want to create a contemporary style with your curtains? Go with Grommet curtains! These curtains feature metal rings or grommets along the top that allow the curtain tracks to slide through. Your curtains deliver a more clean and more customized look that goes pretty well in modern homes.

Grommet Curtains type

5. Tab Top Curtains

For a traditional & established experience, these types of curtains perform well. The fabric loops along the top of these curtains allow the curtain rod to slide through. This results in a soft, gathered look that is appropriate for traditional homes.

Tab Top Curtains type

6. Rod Pocket Curtains

It is another option to create a traditional design in your room. These curtains come along with a pocket sewn into the top that allows the curtain rod to slide through. To deliver the traditional experience, these curtains create a soft and gathered look. You can easily get colours and patterns of your choice that can match your home decor. These are the least popular of our standard-type curtains.

Rod Pocket Curtains type

7. Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains go very well in small-size rooms. They have metal rings punched into the material at the top that allows the curtain rod to slide through. They are also known as ring-top curtains.

Eyelet Curtains type

8. Pinch Pleat Curtains

By far the most popular design. The tight pleats along the top create an elegant vibe. You can play with these curtains in all types of interiors, from formal & elegant environments to casual ones. You can also choose between a double pinch pleat curtain and a triple pinch pleat curtain for that luxury gathered look.

Pinch Pleat Curtains type


These are some of the most popular curtains that you can install to cover your windows. After getting to know the types of curtains available in the market we know it might confuse you to pick the ideal one for you. If you care for your room and don’t want to mess up the ambiance, we would recommend getting advice from professionals to install the curtains. They have in-depth experience in the field and can better guide you in making the decision that is beneficial for your room.