Should curtains match the wall color?

To add an elegant, stylish, or classy vibe to any room, people tend to install curtains. Whether you plan to install curtains or know of someone thinking of installing curtains, the first question to spring to mind is: what will be the colour of my curtains & should they match the wall colours or not? 

If you are on the verge of installing curtains and are stuck because of confusion regarding which curtain colour you should choose, then this guide is written for you.

“Choosing the right curtain is a challenge & can be a difficult task especially when you have no experience in selecting the combination of colours. Therefore, hiring any curtain installation company and seeking their advice to decorate your room can be an ideal decision.”

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Curtains are essential for room design & they can uplift your room experience to a great extent. But a ubiquitous question that always arises while choosing curtains “should curtains match the wall colour?”. Experts’ opinion on this topic is quite contradictory as some believe that matching curtains with the wall colour creates a compatible, cohesive & even look. Contrary to this, some believe that it is not necessary. 

Exploring both sides, we will share the pros and cons and will let you decide whether to match it with walls or not.

Should curtains match the wall color

Pros of matching curtains with the wall colour:

Delivers a cohesive look

No doubt, matching your curtain with the wall colour can create a cohesive and harmonious effect. It makes your room complete and organized. For smaller rooms, it is recommended not to play with too many colours as it can affect the ambiance of your room, making it feel cluttered or overwhelming at times.

It makes the room look more spacious

Combining the curtain colour with the wall creates an illusion of height and width that gives a sense of more space. Your room will feel more breathable. 

Easy to coordinate other stuff

It gets easy to pick the rest of the decor items when you have a matching theme in your room. You can easily pick complimentary colours and patterns for furniture, bedding & other decorative accessories. 

The cons of matching curtains with the wall colour

It can be Tedious

If your room colour is dynamic and you follow the same trend with the curtain, It can also result in making your room look boring & tedious. At the same time, your room may look experimental & weird. It can be unpleasant for those who don’t enjoy expressing their style through home decor.

Keeps it out of focus

Another problem could be that your curtain might not be the center of focus in your room.  When curtains blend in with the wall, they become less noticeable, which can be a disadvantage if you have chosen curtains with a distinctive design or pattern that you want to highlight.

Limits your room colour theme

Your room may look ordinary. Apart from that, if you have any bold or dark colors in your room it may get difficult to find matching curtains with walls. 

What else you can do?

Let’s discuss the alternatives that can make the job easy:

Supportive & Harmonizing Colours

To add more depth & interest you can consider choosing curtains that are a little  darker or lighter than your wall color. It will compliment the wall of your room while simultaneously maintaining a cohesive look. This way you can neutralize the experimental ambiance and create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Patterned Curtains

Curtains with patterns can be a great option to make them attention-grabbing without disturbing the wall colours. 

Neutral shade Curtains

It is, it was and it will be prevalent. Neutral shade curtains, for instance, grey, light blue, black, light beige, or dark brown can be considered if you’re aiming for a calm and soothing effect. These colours are versatile and can blend with almost any wall colour. 


In conclusion, choosing curtains to match the wall colour completely depends upon you and what you want from the room. Whether it’s a calming ambiance or a vibrant and energetic feel, it all depends on which boxes you wish to tick.

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll get it right every single time. We would recommend that you hire a professional curtain installation company to get the right advice. There are no hard and fast rules in interior designing, but the key point is choosing what you need from the room and then building every other design aspect around that idea. Eventually, having them installed and feeling pleasant and comfortable in your home.