Lined vs Unlined Curtains: What’s the difference?

Lined vs Unlined Curtains

Curtains are the pride of any room. They make your room more aesthetic & beautiful. People use curtains for different purposes – to add privacy, regulate the light entering the room, or for home decorating purposes. 

But, do you know curtains are of different types and serve different needs? For instance, lined curtains are used to get more durability & insulation. On the other hand, unlined curtains offer more space for air. 

Not just this, there are so many other differences between them. With this guide, we will explain the difference between lined and unlined curtains. 

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Coming back to the topic, let’s get into it:

Difference between Lined vs Unlined Curtains

Majorly curtains are of two types – lined and unlined. Both of them have unique qualities and serve different purposes

Lined Curtains

In a lined curtain, a supplement fabric is sewn onto the back of the curtain. The lining is more frequently a different colour than the face fabric and is generally built with materials like cotton, polyester, or silk. 

They are known for providing better insulation. Apart from that, you can also block out lights with lined curtains. As far as designs are concerned, they offer a more formal & polished appearance.

Unlined Curtains

Unlike lined curtains, unlined curtains are sleek & made up of a single layer of fabric without any extra layering. They tend to be lighter and also more affordable. These types of curtains deliver a more casual & relaxed look. Since they are made up of single-layer fabric, they are easy to wash without the risk of shrinkage. They also get dry in a very short time.

Benefits of Lined and Unlined Curtains

Lined Curtains

  • provides better insulation which means your room will be warm in the winter and cool during the summer 
  • you can easily block out natural light and get a comfortable & relaxed sleep
  • they are constructed with an extra layer of fabric that protects them from sun damage or wear and tear
  •  lined curtains deliver a formal, classic & polished design and are perfect for bedrooms
  • Compared to the cotton lining, thermal lining provides higher insulation and benefits in saving energy

Unlined Curtains

  • the required fabrics to make unlined curtains are fewer so they are cheaper
  • if we talk about the weight, lined curtains are made of single-layer fabric so their weight is also very light
  • compared to lined curtains, unlined curtains have a more relaxed and casual style. They are therefore perfect for kitchens, family rooms & casual eating spaces
  • as they are lightweight so they are also easy to wash

Which one should you buy?

It depends upon the requirement and also varies on personal preferences. When choosing a curtain, it is important to check the fabric and the colour you want. While some fabrics, for instance, silk and velvet look better lined and on the other hands fabrics like cotton or linen go amazingly unlined. 

We know, it gets quite challenging to figure out by yourself which curtain you should buy especially when you are uneducated or unaware of its features. To tackle this adversity, you can take the help of professionals who can assist you in getting the curtain that has all the features you need and at the same time it also enhances your room design. 

Hiring professional blinds and shutters companies like Blinds & Curtains, who know the ins and outs of each curtain can better guide you in this. We have extensive years of experience in the curtain field and have already served thousands of happy customers. 

You can ask for a free visit or consultation and our experts will visit your place and advice you in the best possible manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lined curtains better?

It depends on what you want from your curtain. But, lined curtains are heavy, durable and look more elegant, and are perfect for larger space rooms.

Do unlined curtains look cheap?

Not all the unlined curtains look cheap. It is always recommended to get your curtain lined but velvet curtains look decent even without lining.

Should living room curtains be lined?

In addition to blocking sunlight, it guards the curtain against it. If you won’t line your curtains then it will cost you more to replace them once it is damaged. Thus, the lining is important!

Do lined curtains block light completely?

You can block out light completely with lined curtains. Different lined curtains provide different light-filtering features. 


Let’s wrap up now! We hope now you know all the differences between lined and unlined curtains. If you are confused about which one you should go with, feel free to take advice from Blind & Curtain professionals. We not only install the curtains but also guide our customers in making better decisions regarding curtains. So, why worry when you have experts around your side? 

If you are still left with doubt or query feel free to ask that in the comment section. We will answer you. Share this blog with your friends who are planning to buy curtains.